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Patients ask me how to care for their skin after receiving their treatments even surgery. I advise them to sleep in a face up position. The CosMed Comfort Pillow is the most comfortable, well designed back sleeping pillow I’ve seen. I recommend it and use it myself!

-Jennifer L. MacGregor, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist
Union Square Laser Dermatology
New York, NY


I had spine and neck surgery. My husband ordered it for me and using it since three months. Love it. Very good support comfy.

– Shahab Q.

Great product. I had problems back sleeping after a surgery. This pillow help me to speed up my recovery and to make easier my life at night. It’s design is simple yet effective.

-Lius P.

I had cosmetic surgery. I had a wedge to sleep upright but after several days it hurt my back at times and I could not sleep. This pillow is very comfortable and helped kept me from turning my head to the side and I was able to sleep. I slept with it on the wedge and also with a couple of pillows for elevation.

– Sandra C.


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