CosMed Comfort Pillow is your ultimate Beauty solution, which helps promote anti-aging, wrinkle prevention and helps extend the benefits of cosmetic fillers and procedures as well as keeping serums and lotions on your face by keeping you in a face up position.

Wrinkles Caused by Sleeping on Your Side or Stomach!

  • Facial
  • Neck
  • Breast / Chest

Start getting your beauty sleep today!

Start getting your beauty sleep today!


“I really do LOVE this pillow!” I’ve slept with the CosMed Pillow with its’ anti-aging benefits and found that it is ideal for everyday use as well.

Here is why:
› Pulling and tugging on the skin, when sleeping on your side jeopardizes the elasticity of your skin over time

If you sleep on your side (or worse your stomach) anti-aging creams often transfer onto the pillow case. The CosMed Pillow helps ensure the money I have spent on my Beauty products isn’t being wasted from pillow transfer

– Darnell Cox
Anti-Aging Expert & Blogger Founder of Live Young Lifestyle