6 Tips for a Healthy Surgical Recovery

  After surgery you can expect to experience swelling, bruising, inflammation, constipation and even nausea. Antibiotics can cause digestive upset and pain medication can cause constipation. Eating specific foods can help reduce this discomfort. You might not feel like eating, but it’s critical for proper healing and recovery to continue feeding your body with nutrients. Also, fueling your body properly can provide you with energy to help get you back to your regular routine more quickly. 1. Lean Protein Protein is essential to...

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CosMed Comfort Pillow Founders We would like to share our story with you. We sincerely feel that it will improve the quality and comfort of your life. We are two women who have a passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle and a desire to feel and look as good as possible. What we found through extensive research is that sleep positions play a significant role in one’s health and well-being. Many medical professionals have determined that the #1 healthiest sleep position...

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Beauty Procedures That Require Back Sleeping

It’s something you don’t necessarily think of when you first start researching beauty (and medical) procedures, yet it can have such a major impact on your recovery and results: sleep. So many procedures require you to sleep on your back for a comfortable recovery. If you’re one of the lucky 14% of Americans that sleeps on their back, congratulations. You have nothing to worry about…except accidentally rolling over. Now, if you don’t sleep on your back, you might find it very challenging...

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