The CosMed Comfort Pillow was created with YOU in mind

When we met and realized how much we had in common, with creative backgrounds in Design and an enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, we became good friends and soon business partners as well. Combining our talents and with a passion to create something new and innovative, we decided the product should have both a Cosmetic and a Medical application. Most of us care about our appearance and the effects of aging. Wellness is always of primary concern and in time we all have degrees of discomfort or pain.

This was our challenge—What to create?

Through our extensive research and consultations with various experts, we decided to design an innovative new shape for a multi-purpose pillow. As we are our own customer, our needs and our customer’s needs are the same. Therefore, our product would be made in the USA using the highest quality materials, be hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial and be machine wash and dryable for its’ health and wellness benefits.

The CosMed Comfort Pillow is based on an organic shape that follows a natural contour. This unique design makes it possible for the pillow to be used in different positions for the head, neck and back. Thus, enabling the user to personalize their own position for comfort and support. Hinged, soft padded and supportive side panels help the user maintain a face-up position, and is beneficial to the side sleeper as well. When used in the lumbar region while sitting at home or in a car, the pillow can help support the lower back. To complete our concept we added an adjustable comfort neck roll which can be detached and placed as desired , with a hot/cold pocket for therapy and pain relief.

We met our challenge with informed determination and a well thought out original and innovative design. Creating the multi-functional CosMed Comfort Pillow with its’ numerous applications in Comfort, Beauty, Recovery, Health, Travel and so much more became a reality!