CosMed Comfort Pillow Founders

We would like to share our story with you. We sincerely feel that it will improve the quality and comfort of your life.

We are two women who have a passion for living a healthy, active lifestyle and a desire to feel and look as good as possible. What we found through extensive research is that sleep positions play a significant role in one’s health and well-being. Many medical professionals have determined that the #1 healthiest sleep position is on one’s back.

Nowhere could we find a pillow designed to be comfortable that could also maintain a back-sleeping position while supporting the lower back and neck. We also couldn’t find a comfortable pillow that keeps the head in a face-up position to help minimize and prevent facial wrinkles.

We are dedicated to the promise of promoting life long habits of health, wellness and beauty—no matter what your age or health is today.
We are committed to not only your well-being and beauty, but also to making products using the highest quality materials: hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and able to be machine washed and dried. Our product is all of these things, plus it is manufactured in the USA.

We know that back sleeping is difficult for some people. The CosMedComfort Pillow is designed primarily to make back sleeping a reality for all people, with its’ soft side panels which support your neck and back comfortably. The benefits of this pillow will last a lifetime. This is a luxurious feeling, multi-purpose pillow—”Everything else is just a pillow.”

We invite you to try the most comfortable , highest quality, easiest to use back-sleeping pillow on the market today and to be part of the CosMedComfort family.

We hope you will love the CosMedComfort Pillow as much as we, and all of our customers do!

Carolyn & Marion